Editorial Policy

BENJMA receives articles from individuals and groups of individuals from around the world, provided that the Editor-in-Chief, in an initial assessment, considers the theme and thematic scope of individual articles relevant to the music discipline and the arts, ascertains the contribution of an article to knowledge, and finds such article grounded in known scholarly conventions acceptable to BENJMA.

BENJMA relies on expert judgment to determine the adequacy of articles received from authors for publication. The inclusion of articles in any Issue of BENJMA, therefore, depends largely on the judgment of assessors, expressed in an Assessment Sheet. To guarantee objectivity, the double-blind review policy is maintained for each article to produce publications that meet global scholarly research conventions and contribute to knowledge in significant terms.

 If there are serious inconsistencies in the assessments, or the authors strongly object to the validity/fairness of assessments, the Editor-in-Chief may choose to appoint a third assessor or subject the issues raised for consideration by the Editorial Board.